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Numeric Domain Name

Until March 2016, for a limited period, you can get a unique name that goes …

Your universal name in numbers!

Have you thought of using numbers for a domain name? Heard of some famous numeric domain name such as This is a telephone directory service in Australia. Another is which is a sales portal of a leading design corporation based in America while is the web address of Vancouver's award-winning boutique lounge. In Taiwan, delicious food are listed on

You can now apply the same universal language to your domain name! Register a numeric domain name that conveys meaning to you and your audience. During the promotion period, SGNIC and its partners are offering Numeric Domain Name (NDN) with a simple and value-for-money registration process.

Until 31 March 2016, we offer some 72,000 Silver premium category of numeric names from 3 to 11 digits for direct registration on a first come, first served basis**. In addition, the premium base fee of S$600 is waived.

For more premium choices of names like or, please refer to announcement of the Premium NDN application exercise in April 2016 on

To get the numeric name you want, simply select one of our accredited registrars and click for their website to register for the name NOW!

Go ahead grab the number name you like today, as easy as 123!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Numeric Domain name (NDN)?

A NDN is a domain name made up purely of numbers. Eg. or SGNIC has 2 class of NDN - Standard and Premium NDN. Premium NDNs are made up of certain combination of numeric pattern that are reserved and subject to application at a premium fee. The NDNs that are not under the premium algorithm are available considered Standard NDN.

How do I register for a Standard NDN?

You can register with any of SGNIC's accredited registrars so long as domain eligibility and rules of registration are met.

I have an existing domain name with a registrar. Must I go back to the same registrar to apply for the NDN?

No, you may approach any of SGNIC's accredited registrars to register for a NDN.

Can I register for an NDN in any domain category?

Yes, NDNs are open for all domain categories like .sg,,,,, and, i.e. both 2nd and 3rd level domains. However, you first need to ensure that you fully satisfy the criteria for registering under that category. To understand more about the criteria, you may wish to refer to the Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. Foreign-based registrants have to appoint a local administrative contact or register a local office.

When can I register for NDNs?

All standard NDNs can be registered in any point of time during the SG50 NDN promotion period from 9am 1st October 2015 to 5pm 31st March 2016. However, do take note that during the promotion, available NDNs are subject to a first come, first serve basis.

Are there any terms and conditions to follow when I apply for a NDN?

All domain registration rules set out in Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines must be adhered.

Is there any application fee that should be made payable when I apply for a NDN?

Every NDN you wish to apply is subject to a domain registration fee set by the respective registrars at the prevailing rate.  

Must I pay the 7% GST?

Yes. All registration fees are exclusive of GST unless clearly stated by registrars.